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Exploring different places in a diverse country like India is one thing, but exploring this wonderland with a India motorcycle tours is altogether a different scene. It is the thrill of experiencing the journey, which most of us usually neglect, and skip it for the destination that we are heading to. Bike tours put travelers on a dominating position and space, in which they are challenging the long and gruesome journey, the distances of which do not even cross our mind when traveling on a flight or train. It’s other side gives it a definition of enjoying the landscapes, which one comes across, at a more personal level.

India, which has a vast network of roads and highways, motorcycles tours India is a meticulously crafted itinerary which suits bikers from everywhere. Some like to go for a cross country ride, while others like to get on a short leisure trip on their bikes. But, when it comes to India, Bike tours to Himalayas are the most fascinating one. Riding the mighty mountain ranges in the north, on two wheels, is all packed with gut wrenching adventure. People usually get on a biking trip from Himachal Pradesh to the roof top of the world, Ladakh. The journey is expected to be filled with unpredictable terrains and hostile weather that can even make the best mountain biker think twice. But it is the magnetism of the Himalayas that pulls a lot of bikers from all over the world to cruise along its wilderness.

If you are not that much of a serious adventurer and want to keep your wheels rolling on a more relaxing path, head towards the northeast of India. The misty landscapes in the northeastern part of India involves riding across dense green forests, slanting hills, snow covered mountains and narrow passes. Being culturally vibrant, the northeast of India also offers the bikers an excellent opportunity to visit numerous religious spots, as they make their way through the terrains of this part of India.

Looking at the growing interest of travelers to explore every possible road journey, many biking expeditions are going on in the country. It includes bike tours in the Himalayan valleys, coastal regions like Goa and South India, the lush green northeast and the deserts of Rajasthan and the Great Rann of Kutch.

Motorcycle – Bike Tours in India

There are bikers who never get tired of riding on their motorcycles, and like taking them to distant places on long journeys. If you are one of them, then motorcycle tours in India will come across as a blessing for you. Such tours are organised by reputed travel agencies, so everything from the destinations to camping are well taken care of. On some tours, you are provided with bikes while on the others, you are required to bring your own. One thing that is common in all these excursions is that they all go through places, which are highly picturesque and replete with rich heritage. Some stretches of the roads will be well-made, allowing for smooth rides; whereas others will be rocky and narrow, making the journey thrilling.

Destinations and Popular Motorcycle Routes in India

Among the most popular motorcycle tours in India are the ones that will take you to Ladakh. Another highly toured route in the country by bikes is through the scenic West Coast.

• Ladakh Bike Tour

There are two separate expeditions that you can take through Ladakh. One of them is 12-day long, and the other stretches for over a fortnight.

The 12-day tour starts from Manali, and its first phase takes you 115 km along the Beas River to Jispa in the Lahaul and Spiti district. On the next morning, you cross Baralacha La as you travel for roughly 116 km to reach the amazing valley of Sarchu. The ensuing section of the trip makes you drive through three more high mountain passes to reach Leh, which is the administrative centre of the Ladakh region. Here you have an entire day to sightsee and acclimatise before going any higher in the mountains.

After resting and sightseeing, you journey through Khardung La, claimed to be the highest drivable road in the world, to the valley of the Nubra River. From the valley, you drive back to Leh, and from the latter, make for the breathtaking lake named Pangong Tso. Further on the expedition, you make your way back to Manali through Leh, Sarchu and Keylong.

Most of the itinerary for the 15-day trip is the same, with the only difference being in the order of some places that you pass through. There are some destinations here that are not covered in the shorter trip. When you arrive in Leh from Manali via Sarchu, you will not travel over Khardung La, but to Pangong Tso first.

You will visit Nubra Valley after you return from the lake to Leh, and then come back here from the valley. Post reaching Leh and resting here at night, you will travel deeper into Ladakh and arrive in the town Kargil. You will then continue driving further into the region and make for Dras, the coldest place in the country. From Dras, you will come down to Srinagar, the state capital of Jammu and Kashmir, where you have one day to explore the city. After sightseeing in Srinagar, you will drive down the Himalayas and arrive in Jammu, which lies in the Northern Plains, and from here you will make for Delhi.

• Spiti Bike Tour

There are 2 different expeditions that you can take through Lahaul and Spiti Valley. One is from The Hindustan Tibet Road, crossing beautiful places like Shimla, Reckong Peo and Kalpa! The other one is via Manali, crossing Rohtang Pass and the Kunzum Pass.

Delhi to Spiti Motorbike Expedition via Manali

Manali route starts from New Delhi and takes you all the way to Manali, the enchanting Chandratal Lake, and then to the distinct Spiti Valley. Start your tour from New Delhi and then stop at Manali. The next day you will head to the beautiful Chandratal Lake and camp there overnight. Next stop will be Kaza, the largest settlement in the Spiti Valley. Explore Kaza, Tabo and Nako for the next 3 days. The next will be the alluring Kinnaur Valley, where you can admire the Kinnaur Kailash Range from the valley of Kalpa. Crossing the last village in Himachal Pradesh, Chitkul, head to Sangla to stay overnight in camps. Ride through the Jalori Jot Pass and reach Shoja. Reach Manali again crossing Tirthan Valley and then return to New Delhi.

Delhi Spiti Motorbike Expedition

This routes takes you through the National Highway – 22, which is one of the most scenic and adventures routes in Himachal Pradesh. Travel to one of the most remote Valleys in India through Shimla, Reckong Peo, Kaza, Chandratal and then return to New Delhi Via Manali. Enter the gateway to Kinnaur Valley, Reckong Peo, and then through Nako enter the beautiful Spiti Valley. Explore Kaza and the wonderful places around it. Visit Key Monastery which is located near the Spiti River and get an amazing view of the valley from the monastery. Next day, cross the mighty Kunzum Pass to reach the ever-changing Chandratal Lake. The lake is known for changing its color from dusk to dawn. Spend a day at Manali and then return to New Delhi.

Ganga Motorbike Expedition

Over the course of 7 days the route takes you through unexplored villages and towns of Uttarakhand along the River Ganga. The adventure starts from Dehradun in Uttarakhand and takes you to Mori on the first day. Enjoy the views of Dayara Bugyal and Himalayan Ranges on on the way to Harsil on the second day. Stay at Harsil for 2 days and ride to the Gangotri Temple. Explore the town and head to Rishikesh stopping for a day at New Tehri for a night.
The best part about Ganga Motorbike Expedition is that you end the trip on a very adventurous note! Rafting on Ganges before heading back will be awesome!

• West Coast Bike Tour

This is a 12-day trip, taking you through some of the most beautiful places in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, and also touching the states of Karnataka and Goa. You will start driving from Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka, and travel roughly 425 km to the temple town of Madurai.

On arriving here, you visit the famous Meenakshi Amman Shrine, and the next morning drive to Kovalam. While riding for around 330 km to Kovalam, you will pass Kanyakumari, the southernmost tip of mainland India. In Kovalam, you can relax on seafronts or enjoy water sports at your own expense. The coming phase of the trip takes you to Alleppey, with the sea and green fields lining the highway on opposite sides. From Alleppey, you will cut across the enthralling Western Ghats to arrive in the famous hill station of Munnar.

Your next stop will be Ooty, another popular hill town, where you will spend the whole day. You will make for Gokarna from Ooty as the former has beautiful and secluded beaches for you to relax on. After staying here an entire day, you will drive to Goa, where your trip will end.

Best Time to Go for Motorcycle Tours in India

The best time for undertaking motorcycle tours in India depends on the route you want to follow. For Ladakh and Spiti Valley tours, the summer season between May and September is perfect as the weather will be pleasant and you will not encounter loads of snow. On the other hand, the winter season or months of February and March are ideal for the West Coast tour due to cool weather and less humidity.

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