Hello Bridesmaids, Here’s a List of Nail Trends to Channel Your Inner Fashionista

Here is your time to embrace your inner fashionista because nail art is currently all the rage in the fashion business.(Image: Instagram)

When it comes to the bridesmaids’ glam, nails take a backseat. But it’s your best friend’s wedding, and you should not be leaving any stone unturned to look your best on her special day. Gone are the days when bridesmaids opted for lowkey- sheer or natural-hue nails. But since nail art is all the rage in the fashion industry now, this is your chance to channel your inner fashionista. So while you have your perfect outfit, makeup idea and hair inspiration ready, jazz up your nails with a perfect manicure.

Here is a list of nail trends to bring your A-game to your best friend’s wedding:

1.Gold Foil: Gold foil nail art is super trendy, easy to pull off and adds excitement to the look. All you need is some gold foil, a base touch and a high-quality top coat to seal it. You can add the gold foil on a nude base, or opt for red or blue as well.

2.Go bold and bright: A pop of colour can do you no harm, right? So go bold and choose that neon colour that you have been wanting to sport. If you will be wearing a pastel-coloured outfit, we suggest choosing a bold or bright colour from the same palette for a cohesive look.

3.Don’t shy away from the dark pallate: Black, navy blue, dark purple, and emerald green are some elegant colours that can totally elevate your look as well as the outfit. You can opt for a glossy finish, or you can make it edgy by choosing a matte finish. If you are in the mood for some dazzle, choose the glitter versions of these dark shades.

4.Gradient tones: Gradient tones look classy when pulled off with the utmost oomph. To play it safe, you can choose warm neutral hue.

5.Ombre Manicure: If you want your nails to look like a work of art, ombre manicure is for you. It consists of gradient colours- starting off with a darker hue and fading out to a light colour. It is also an easy DIY which will save you from a run to the salon. All you need is a sponge and your favourite hue. Pour it on a sponge and press it on your nails. Finish it off with a matte or glossy top coat.

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