How to get a girlfriend, car, plane, guns in GTA-5? Here are all PC, PS, X-box cheats you need

Grand Theft Auto- 5 cheat codes

From getting a girlfriend to spawning a plane here is a list of all the cheat codes and all the important pointers you must know to enjoy playing Grand Theft Auto-5

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) is a well-known video game that was released back in 2013. In spite of its age, GTA 5 boasts a sizable player base across numerous platforms. GTA 5 allows you to utilise cheats to obtain godlike abilities, just like earlier GTA games.

No doubt, it is fun to play the game as it is, but do you know what is even more thrilling. The ability to explore the extremities of the gameplay with cheat codes.

Here are some GTA-5 cheat code pointers and a long collection of GTA 5 cheat codes available to improve gameplay and cause mayhem. We’ll look at GTA 5 hacks for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, along with instructions on how to utilise them.

Remember while using cheat codes
Before utilising any cheats in GTA 5 for PC, it’s vital to save your game. This is necessary since, once you’ve used cheats, there won’t be any more Achievements available to you until the game is restarted.

You cannot win money using GTA 5 cheats. To acquire the in-game currency that appears in the tab, gamers must accomplish missions and commit robberies. But, you can purchase in-game money for your GTA 5 character to utilise using a GTA Online Shark Card.

How to use cheat codes in GTA-5 on PC
Bring Up The Console: In this context, the term “console” refers to the in-game console, which may be accessed by hitting the tilde () key on your PC keyboard. It resembles a development menu into which commands can be entered. We’ll use it in this instance to enter our cheat codes.

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