India can develop hypersonic missiles in 8 yrs post govt nod: BrahMos Aerospace

The BrahMos missile is used by all three services in different versions of the missile system.

BrahMos Aerospace Corporation said it would develop hypersonic missiles within eight years if required by the country.

By Manjeet Negi: Considering the critical role hypersonic missiles played in the Russia-Ukraine war, BrahMos Aerospace Corporation on Tuesday said if such a missile was required in India, it could be developed within eight years.

“If we want a hypersonic missile, we will take only eight years to develop it after approval from the government,” said the corporation.

“The missile already flies at close to over 3,000 km per hour, and the hypersonic version would enable to destroy enemy camps at a much faster speed,” said a BrahMos official.

BrahMos Aerospace has done multiple missile upgrades with enhanced ranges that were achieved through software and minor hardware upgrades. The missile is also ready for export to countries like the Philippines.

The BrahMos missile is used by all three services in different versions of the missile system. The missile system is produced in a joint venture with a Russian firm, which also develops missiles in their country.

In 2020, the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) had tested the hypersonic air-breathing scramjet system for propulsion, called the Hypersonic Technology Demonstration Vehicle or HSTDV. According to a defence official, the HSTDV attained a speed of Mach 6 for 23 seconds during the testing.

BrahMos is the only cruise missile to be exported by India. The Philippines will be its first foreign buyer while countries like Indonesia have shown keen interest in it. The current versions of the BrahMos have a range of about 500 km, with the export variant having a range of 290 km to keep it under the MTCR (Missile Technology Control Regime) restrictions of 300 km.

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