Karan Johar Shares This Post Hours After Kangana Ranaut Attacked Him, Ranbir Kapoor

Kangana Ranaut may have taken several indirect jibes at Karan Johar lately, but the Bollywood filmmaker remains unfazed. Kangana Ranaut on Sunday launched yet another attack — without taking any names — against Karan Johar and actor Ranbir Kapoor. In an indirect dig against both, Kangana alleged that it was the “jodi” of “Duryodhan (white rat) and Shakuni (papa jo)” that spread “nasty” rumours against her.

Hours after Kangana’s lengthy post which she shared via multiple Instagram Stories, Karan Johar posted a selfie of him pouting on his official handle. In the photo, Karan looks happy and unbothered.

After criticising the casting of Ranbir Kapoor in Nitesh Tiwari’s Ramayana by calling him “white rat” on Saturday, Kangana Ranaut indirectly called him Duryodhana and Karan Johar, Shakuni.

She wrote, “Elaborating more on yesterday’s stories there are all kinds of menaces in the film industry but the worse is this Duryodhan (white rat) and Shakuni (papa jo) Jodi… They self admittedly call themselves most gossipy, jealous, bitchy and insecure… They refer to themselves as information and broadcasting ministy of gossip in films.”

“Entire film industry knows this, they were the main suspects behind all fake blind items against Sushant Singh Rajput… That Pushed him to commit suicide… They also spread all kinds of nasty rumours against me and forcibly played referees in mine and HR fight… Post that their interference in my life and career has been beyond harassing,” she alleged in the first of the three-part Instagram Stories.

This comes after Kangana Ranaut made a shocking allegation against Karan Johar by alleging that he “banned” Priyanka Chopra from Bollywood because of her “friendship” with Shah Rukh Khan. Kangana, in a series of tweets, alleged that Karan “harassed” Priyanka Chopra to a point where “she had to leave India”.

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