Know All About Priyanka Chopra’s Diet Plan To Stay In Shape

Priyanka suggested reducing caffeine consumption to have a fit and healthy body

Be it India or the west, there isn’t one person who isn’t amazed by Priyanka Chopra’s acting skills or fitness levels. Although her profession demands that she be fit, the actress takes it upon herself to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Many of you want to know the secret behind her toned body, so here are a few things you can incorporate from her diet plan to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Priyanka is a self-proclaimed foodie. In an interview with the Times of India, she had mentioned, “I have breakfast talking about lunch, lunch talking about dinner. Especially around Diwali and Christmas, I always put on weight. January, February, & March, it takes me time to shed those extra kilos and come back to my summer body.”

For breakfast, she enjoys something like an omelette or avocado toast. However, if she is craving Indian food, she would go for idli, dosa, or poha. When she visits India, she enjoys eating homemade parathas. For lunch, she also prefers an Indian meal consisting of ragi roti, bhindi, pulses, or potatoes. Sometimes she also goes for a fresh salad bowl or roasts fish with veggies. She mentions that when she is busy with work, she prefers a homemade grain or vegetable salad.

We all have those mid-meal cravings to fulfil. Priyanka, being a foodie, does not ignore such cravings. A handful of makhanas or foxnuts are her go-to snacks. Priyanka suggests eating calorie-rich foods in the first half of the day and going light on dinner. At night, she would go for some soup instead of a full meal.

The actress has a perfect mantra to lose weight. She is a proponent of eating well but also suggests burning those calories afterwards. Priyanka works out with a personal trainer in the morning, doing a combination of cardio and weight-training exercises. She also enjoys experimenting with her routine, mentioning that she enjoys skipping rope occasionally.

Priyanka also emphasised the importance of hydration, stating that she always carries a large bottle of water with her at all times. She also suggested reducing caffeine consumption to have a fit and healthy body.

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