Mumbai murder: Manoj Sane brought Nilgiri oil; took pics after chopping Saraswati Vaidya

A sister of Saraswati Vaidya got emotional after seeing a photograph of her long hair that the accused had cut and kept on the kitchen platform of their flat.

One of the Sisters of Saraswati Vaidya, who was allegedly killed and chopped into multiple pieces by 56-year-old ‘live-in partner’ Manoj Sane in Mumbai’s Mira Road, got emotional after seeing a photograph of Vaidya’s long hair that the accused had cut and kept on the kitchen’s platform of their flat. The sister said Vaidya loved her long hair, Mira-Bhayandar, Vasai-Virar Police said.

The police have found out that Vaidya had four sisters. Three of them recorded their statements with the police. They are very angry with the accused, Manoj Sane, and requested the cops to make such a strong case that he gets the strictest punishment, news agency ANI reported.

Manoj Sane Google searched

In the latest development, police revealed that Sane had taken pictures of the body after committing the murder. Sane also did many Google searches to find out how to dispose of the body.

According to a senior officer of the Mira Bhayandar Vasai Virar (MBVV) Police Commissionerate, Sane is repeatedly changing his statement during interrogation. However, the police have done cross-verifications of many of his statements.

On June 4, after the murder, the accused had bought an electric wood cutter (chainsaw) from a local hardware shop, which he used in chopping down the body parts. The chain of this woodcutter had come off during use, after that he took it to for repair at the same shop from where he had bought it.

Brought five bottles of Nilgiri oil

As Sane has cleaned the woodcutter completely no one got any clue of what work he was using the machine. The accused searched on Google to gather information about what should be done to avoid the foul smell coming from a body and brought five bottles of Nilgiri oil from a shop in his area.

Police will be sending DNA samples of Vaidya and her close relatives to the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) on Monday.

As the accused has accepted that he married Vaidya at a temple in Borivali police are trying to verify the location of the temple and the priest who got them married. Along with this, the police will be looking for any other witnesses of their marriage.

It has come to light that the couple had hidden their marriage from their acquaintances because of their age difference. Sane had been staying with Vaidya in the rental flat in the Akashganga building in the Mira Road area over the past three years.

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