World Bartender Day: Tips To Set Your Home Bar Like A Pro

It starts with the most basic tools and equipment that will gear you to shake a Bond Martini or uncork a plush Amarone

The home bar scene which caught momentum during the pandemic continues to flourish as home bartenders are now looking to create that perfect cocktail like the one served to them at their favourite bar. They are now being the “perfect hosts” not just on the food side of things but also ensuring that the beverage quotient is high at house parties. Are you a bar enthusiast looking to get your home bar in order? It starts with the most basic tools and equipment that will gear you to shake a bond martini or uncork a plush Amarone. Sommelier Ajit Balgi shares the bare minimum list to get you started:

Like a kitchen needs a pan to cook and a flame for the heat, a bar needs a complete bar kit to concoct a cocktail and ice is at the heart of it. A bar kit comprises a shaker, bar spoon, hawthorne strainer, double strainer, crown opener, a muddler, a jigger or a peg measurer and lastly a mixing glass is a good addition. Plentiful ice is a mandate in the bar and a big ice bucket is recommended, even better if it is insulated to avoid the rapid melting in our tropical weather. Pro tip: A cocktail needs around 250gms of ice, so ensure you have an ice vendor handy for those long evenings.

1. Wine glasses
An all-purpose wine glass serves best for a red, white, rose, and sparkling wine. But one could always indulge in specific glasses for a great wine experience like the Bordeaux or Chardonnay glasses like the ones from Luigi Bormioli at
2. Coupe Glasses
A coupe glass is multipurpose and elegant. It can hold a martini or a margarita with aplomb.
3. High ball glass
A glass of icy mojito or a whisky soda or a plain glass of water, they all need the classic high ball. You can go for the trending nude glasses or the classic cut crystal ones like the ones from Royal Brierley.
4. Old fashioned glass
For that 18-year-old malt with a cube of ice or that perfectly stirred Roby Roy, an Old-fashioned glass is a necessity.
5. Shot glasses
Not a fan of shots personally, but to be that perfect host, you need to be equipped for that celebratory shot request.
6. Beer Glasses
Well one can drink out of the bottle, but the real aromas and experiences of a craft beer is enjoyed in a glass.
7. Wine stopper, Openers and Wine Fridge
For the wine enthusiasts looking to get serious about wines, a tropical country like ours demands a wine fridge to maintain the storage temperature of 12-14 degrees.
Bottles broken, carpets-stained red all because of failed hacks to open a wine bottle in absence of a wine opener, futile! Get a wine opener, an angel’s wing or a waiter’s friend and save yourself.
Lastly an open bottle of wine starts to oxidize as soon as it is uncorked and ideally should be finished the same day however unfinished bottles are a common phenomenon and they just deteriorate. The solution? Either finish it (not at the cost of your liver) or get yourself a Wine stopper with a vacuum pump which helps pull the oxygen out to keep the wine sane for a couple of days more.
Setting up a home bar may seem intimidating at first, but with these tips, you’ll be well on your way to becoming the life of the party. So go ahead and impress your friends and family with your bartending skills – Cheers!

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