Telugu choreographer Chaitanya dies by suicide, says ‘I troubled many’ in heartbreaking last video

Chaitanya was seen with Prabhu Deva on the dance show Dhee

Chaitanya was a popular figure on the Telugu dance show Dhee. He reportedly died by suicide in Nellore on April 30, leaving behind an emotional video.

  • In Short
  • Chaitanya left a heartbreaking video telling people why he took this decision.
  • The Dhee choreographer said he had too many financial problems.
  • He felt he had let down his family and friends.

Dance choreographer Chaitanya was seen in the popular Telugu dance show Dhee. On April 30, he put out an emotional video message and apparently died by suicide in Nellore. News reports stated that Chaitanya had taken loans and since he could not repay them, felt burdened by the financial commitments.

In the last video message Chaitanya left before he died by suicide at the Nellore club, he reportedly said, “My mom, dad, and sister took good care of me without letting me face any problems. My sincere apologies to all my friends. I bothered many people, and my apologies to all. I lost my goodness regarding money matters. Not just taking loans, but one should have the capacity to repay them. But I couldn’t do it. Currently, I am in Nellore, and this is my last day. I cannot bear the problems associated with my loans.”

When news of Chaitanya’s demise got out on the news, fans of the show took to social media to express their grief and disbelief.

Chaitanya was in his 30s and a popular figure on the dance show. Fans on social media were still coming to terms with this shocking news.

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